IGF 2024 BPF on Cybersecurity Capacity Building

BPF Activities & Updates

BPF Call I, 20 June, agenda, recording ( Passcode: $fA9CZsV )


BPF Coordinating team
  •  BPF co-facilitators
    • Ms Josephine Miliza, MAG member
    • Ms Carina Birarda, MAG member
    • Mx Oktavía Hrund G Jóns, MAG member
    • Ms Hariniombonana Andriamampionona, former MAG member
    • Mr Dino Cataldo Dell'Accio, UNJSPF rep. to the MAG
  • Consultant IGF Secretariat
    • Mr Wim Degezelle
  • BPF Lead experts and co-facilitators



Join the BPF mailing list (subscribe here) and the BPF calls (details below).  The BPF welcomes community volunteers to help with the collection of information, analysis and drafting. Contact  [email protected] if interested in joining the work .

 Learn more about the 2023 BPF Cybersecurity at www.intgovforum.org/en/content/bpf-cybersecurity-2023