IGF 2016 Main Session: BPFs and CENB Phase II

Title: IGF Best Practice Forums (BPFs) and Policy Options for Connecting and Enabling the Next Billions - Phase II - What Should Policymakers Take Away From Them?

IGF Day 4: Friday, 9 December 2016, 10:00 - 11:30am (90 Minutes)


This session will present the outputs of the 2016 IGF stakeholder driven Best Practice Forums (BPFs) on IXPs, IPv6, Gender and Access and Cybersecurity, and showcase the outcome of the Phase II of the IGF Policy Options for Connecting the Next Billion(s) work. The session will highlight that these community activities have resulted in tangible resources of which policy makers can draw when addressing Internet policy issues. The session will also seek community suggestions and input as to how these outputs could be taken forward into other relevant IG fora and how IGF community intersessional work could be enhanced looking ahead to 2017 and beyond. The discussion will also address how to improve IGF outputs in light of the recommendations of the CSTD WG on IGF Improvements.


  1. Introduce the Session/Overview of IGF BPFs and CENB Community Work 

  2. Presentation of BPF Work/Outputs

  3. Presentation of CENB Phase II Work/Outputs 

  4. Audience Q/A w/ BPF and CENB representatives  + Conclusions/Way forward for BPFs and CENB - looking ahead to 2017 


Co-Moderator: Helani Galpaya (LIRNEasia)

Co-Moderator: Alison Gillwald (Research ICT Africa, South Africa)


Constance Bommelaer, ISOC

Frank Larue, UNESCO

Alex Wong, World Economic Forum (WEF)


2016 IGF BPF Cybersecurity - Markus Kummer, Maarten Van Horenbeeck

2016 IGF BPF Gender and Access - Jac Sm Kee, Renata Aquino Ribeiro

2016 IGF BPF IPv6 - Izumi Okutani, Sumon A. Sabir

2016 IGF BPF IXPs - Speakers TBC

Connections with other sessions:

  • Substantive BPF 90 minute sessions will be held prior to the main session.

Desired results/objectives:

  • Commitments from other IG processes/stakeholders/organizations/NRIs to take on IGF outputs, continue work, etc.

  • Suggestions on how to improve IGF outputs

  • Practical recommendations for IGF 2017 community activities