IGF 2016 Main Session: Taking Stock : Emerging Issues - Future of the IGF and IGF Retreat Consultation

Title: Taking Stock/Emerging Issues - Future of the IGF and IGF Retreat Consultation

Date/Time/Length: 9 December, 15:30-17:00, 90 minutes (15:30-16:15 for IGF Retreat Consultation; 16:15-17:00 for Future of IGF and Emerging Issues)

About: The traditional 'Taking Stock' session held in the afternoon of the last day will allow all participants in an open microphone format to reflect upon their experience at the IGF annual meeting; raise emerging issues that they'd like the IGF to address in 2017 and suggest ways for the IGF to improve overall moving forward. This year the taking stock session will also seek further consultation from the community on the proceedings, ideas and suggestions from the IGF Retreat held in July 2016. The proceedings document is available for public review on the IGF website.  

Session Moderators:

- Ms. Yolanda Martinez, Ministry of Public Administration, Mexico

- Mr. Juwang Zhu, Director, Division for Sustainable Development, UNDESA

- Ms. Lynn St. Amour, Chair, IGF Multistakeholder Advisory Group

- Mr. Chengetai Masango, IGF Secretariat