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The following are the outputs of the real-time captioning taken during the Twelfth Annual Meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Geneva, Switzerland, from 17 to 21 December 2017. Although it is largely accurate, in some cases it may be incomplete or inaccurate due to inaudible passages or transcription errors. It is posted as an aid to understanding the proceedings at the event, but should not be treated as an authoritative record. 



>> PAOLO LAN TERI:  Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.  Thank you very much and congratulations for finding the room.  Welcome to open forum open content media organized by the organization in cooperation with your (?) broadcasting union, international federation of associations.  And reward association for newspapers and news publishers.  My name is Paolo Lan Teri.  As you know, look in content is a usual suspect at the IGF.  It became a very popular topic, standing item that's a more recent session.  The best practice forum and you won has been established recently and the fact that more government and more (?) on the global interest was resolving (?) a natural consequence of the initial conduct and economic performance.  Reaching a common understanding of all policy issues and local content is actually (?) and agreeing on definition of what is look of content.  It is quite complicated and taking back here at IGF.  We have key criteria is kinding an element of the language, relevance, the rates of production.  Our goals are alternatives.  These are all questions that are taking a lot of efforts and we'll keep discussing here at IGF.  I think no matter which criteria is considered most important to find the concept.  I guess we can all agree on one consideration, one element, the demand for look of content is here to stay enrolled.  It is actually always meet and want local news and tailor the natural and content that reflects our own (?).

The side of the market remains.  It may pose some challenges.  They have asked at least (?) questions of all the debates on the subject including our (?) today.  There are no unique or magic formulas here.  Essential elements need to be taken into account such as technologies and getting connections and (?) for different ones.  We have enabling structures, which we agree is essential.  Sometimes in this content, we forget the FIRST steps for allowing access is actually the creation and production of the content we want to drop.  Creation remains a pre‑condition of access.  So any sustainable policy of (inaudible) access of global content can also look at how it affects the creation side of things.  We are aware that they can share the look and content of the Internet.  It is non‑commercial in nature, creative in economic gain.  You recognize it is very important to provide the right structure, plus (?) access and content around the globe and social networks you see on platforms that function really well.  When a power tracks, there are other kind of (?).  They provide complex mechanisms supported by natural resources.  This is a case of reasons over local newspapers that are offering a full programming in the local language, produced in visions language.  Professional (?) for this kind of content need and reserve the reward for their output and interceptives to keep delivering the sanctioned contributions.  They have a corporate system that plays a very important role.  It establishes the rule of the game to reach creators and other right associates that are able to make through different channels and update (?).  In addition, we must remind that corporate system provides for a dream of flexibility.  International treaties allows communications and reuses guaranteeing that interest of society (?) also deliver.  For instance, for importance of education, research, news reporting and for the benefit of people with disabilities.  Secondly, economic rights can be exercised.  Right associates can freely opt such as (?) and free and open sources.  This license schemes are gaining importance in our environment and represent a back bone of driving back bones in serve Is.  Among many, we can site it and it is relevant to the discussion.  FIRST they have access in the content that can be adopted and translated to address (?).  The platform works in the BASIS of a critical (?).  3.0 by (?) which is enabled by the exercise of the economic plus.  Works well within corporate existence.  These corporate platforms have powerful means for getting the sharing tool of the content are functioning within the current system.  Before that, I would like to say a few words about the organization representing here today.  It is an agency with 191 member states and the number of which has these things in developing countries.  They have developed a balance in the system.  We also get the assist government with work and vat gees to boost the national production.  For veterans (?) they directly have people cooperating in the market.  This is why we put together a key note representing three key players with users and publishers.  How is the current system working for them?  They have major plans in the channels.  They have challenges they're facing and they will share with us what are the privacy policies used here.  FIRST the industry, but I see the characteristic for the business models.  We will actually have three different stories.  We will start with the union.  Sorry for the (?) followed by Fiat.  And each of them (?).  Maio, the floor is yours.

>> MAIO:  Thank you for the introduction.  This is simply for my meetings.  It is the union of radio television broadcast.  This is 2017 in the organization (low voice) public broadcasting and (?).  I think my task is mainly to proceed in a losing place related to support the content and the access bureau content.  From our perspective, it's two main areas.  One is the median environment official policy and the other part is (?) copyright system.  To start with the FIRST difference meanings within the relative framework promote content, one element is already specifically available in public service.  So even though the task is given (?), varies from one country to the other.  There is some (?) where the focus on the local content is put traditionally, but also indirectly seated promotion of diversity in the country reflects on providing.  Secondly, and probably most, there are regulations and rules which there are obligations for usage submitting productions.  It provides broadcasters to show the problem in European works at least or in addition to national obligations in many countries for the local productions.  There is a discussion going whether the participation should extend.  Life also shouldn't be a deal of services, operators and discussions simply not yet finished, but might have some (inaudible) here.  I guess at this point we discuss other parts of detail.  Other elements is a couple of subsidies in productions, et cetera.  Any way, there are rules which set restrictions on the foreign (?) (low voice) I will not go into detail here.  Basically I have to be aware that this is a balance act.  On one hand, these productions are excessively (?) with the identity.  Coming to copy rights, there are basic ideas and there are user with full investment with this copyright applied to your content as well.  You can probably (low voice) and your local production since national in nation.  Every country uses its own private protector.  Local (?) holder.  There is a common law extended (?) (low voice) so basically this is very much to protect the local content.  We also have to be aware that especially on the (?) side, it has more affects from local productions than others.  Local productions offer more'.  Secondly, (low voice) (?) use other productions.  The audience will have more difference.  So makes it clear on a couple of places.  You can also look at ‑‑ what is the actor and the reason why so many lingering rights share your (?) you have the distinction of protection of works and on the one hand depiction of related rights.  For example, we have stabilizations.  We have the picture for 200 (?) (low voice) and the letter is more particularly an investment.  So do not (?) this is to get something out there.  Those are predicted for different entities that are such and the distribute will make it accessible.  It is never written anywhere the materials that you do not see easily in the content.  (low voice) 

The people point is currently for the current discussion and possible treaty in organizations.  Some of you may know the discussion is about whether it is a convention of (?) and you have traditional signals and online signals for the forecasters.  This discussion is important now a days because they have to get online translation.  Technology can be used to compliment their education and here again the local content which is small can be super for online distribution.  Any questions?  Thank you.

(low voice) we're trying to find ways of creating a department in which production can take place.  I'll say (low voice) before I do, I traveled around the world with colleagues that (inaudible) with a huge amount of emphasis.  (low voice) (?) so a lot of the risk is concentrated (?) and industries development.  Development is for health and it is a tame where you are spending money which often you don't have.  So (low voice) this is a very focused time to make sure we have that relationship in order to insure.  What key focus is the word you would like to focus on the discussion is partnerships.  Why don't we look at circle destruction.  We're looking at having carriers of the content and licenses.  We engage them with (?).  We have had some (inaudible) introduction.  Engage the process.  They incorporate over time and either go in one direction to move the content.  (low voice) (?) of its ability to reflect and social prones have meaningful.  So observing in one example from two countries to engage is a real push to make what they take.  For those, they didn't circle at an existing 58.  I did didn't real incentives.  (low voice) you price high quality and people expect it.  It needs to be mechanisms in place and we're get our FIRST money in.  Second thing is we need copyright framework consents.  There is support (?) we need enforcement that means that uses get created and it is ready to keep it going.  We need this copyright.  It is the third and most important professional training, work professionally and understand better.  Tern that sweat to labor and assets and then they're able to utilize and keep the content to float.  These are the kind of key things.  One we haven't expanded on is that we observe him when he goes.  They have a team that (inaudible) done.  It is a very real thing that makes sense and developing partnerships.  All of us in generations and granting themselves a marketing (?) and knowing that is really via content that they trust.  We have a more detailed perspective over to (low voice)

>> Ladies and gentlemen, this is my (?).  One key observation that I had is that the general feeling that is important is a (?).  It's a very serious business.  It can (?) millions and millions of people.  It is actually for many ways we respected the medicine with economics.  It is inspired by (inaudible).  So far I think we need to understand that.  Someone of law of what I said so far and I'm going to just do a quick (?) and to think about then.  We have been talking about past conversations.  So we can talk more about looking.  I agree we aren't able to support it.  There is something distinguished in what is happening across.  Share the experience and a lot of (?) (low voice) based on that kind of (?).  The second kind of sponsors create (?).  They do a free (low voice) then we live through advertising support.  We pursue it in the data.  The third is (?).  What exchanged this in this content of (?).  This is pretty much segmented or (?).  In that process is (?) across the world.  The subject has different properties and putting themselves to(low voice) and that is the (inaudible) of what it could really mean.  It is a realistic (?).  It might be inspired by the rest, but by and large, it is interesting.  This content was (?).  I put various ones.  You get means, but you can get a (?).  (low voice) there is contents in Tokyo and more Pacific islands.  Suddenly, there are 118 get into funding and reach across.  So for me there's a huge change that I have seen in the last couple of years.  It had been bruisers, custodial (?).  You had your ups and downs and now we will have it in Tommy zone and basically apple coming in and (?).  There are large sums of money.  Actually, helping with the content to do.  So for me, it's an opportunity.  How do we completely settle?  (low voice) let's find out what it will be, but just to finish, we have discussed.  I don't think that any of this would mean that the need for copyright is in any way (inaudible).  It is very, very important that I get recognized for one piece of my work to insure the audience and so on.  If you target one person and I'm sure you can account for the one person.  So it's a challenge to the lawyers.  It's a challenge to the technologist.  But if we can do it without that content, he's been good with the mathematics.  Okay?

>> ELINA NOOR:  Hello.  My name is Elina.  We're well funded in 1448 and now they represent 18,000 of vacation when I go to 20 countries around the world.  We were associated with an objective of depending the (?) the reason for this is that the economic defenders of media is for a price which is not to depend and going to not be fame.  So it is quite a few cost money whether breaking news or reporting reports and sports coverage of feeder writing.  Those costs is ‑‑ take him in many cases, I can always have him allow it.  Historically, one of the things that allow that was advertising, but think of it as increasing dramatically.  Over the last five years, they lost 25% of tickets.  Slightly increasing.  The value of online advertising was (low voice).  Last year we will capture 65% of the global markets, but most importantly, we're going to favor which is what.  Tonight's digital landscape in communication to the public original content but again as I was saying that content creates stays and updated.  In this case, (inaudible).  The publishers are more twist in the economic environment.  They are much more (inaudible) and favorite giants can be the original in market because that's part of the local competencies and has less to follow.  So for this reason from the field of the struggles of faith and content, of course we will provide this.  We have both to you and (?) he's not here in person, but the colleagues have put things in place for him to join.  People need to put their headphones.

>> Yes.  We can hear you.

>> We are required to wrap up as soon as possible.  It is possible, Daniel?  Yes.  We have one more speaker now.  If it is possible for you to close rapidly.  Okay?  Thank you very much, Daniel.

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We apologize for the low quality sound.  Make sure we have (?).  We also have (low voice) (?) for questions and now it's time for comments and your questions.  We have four already.

>> My name is Adora.  I'm from Nigeria.  And (?) so the speakers made good points and I have a few questions.  Now, you talked about the ‑‑ the speakers talked about OTT to address the full content.  I was wondering what you suggest in terms of partnership to make some suggestions to us.  Also, one of the speakers talked about advertising.  They talked about advertising and all of that.  I'm wondering what kind of new advertising models should local content, local publishers adopt?  One way or the other, (?) is bringing down costs and distribution.  What do you suggest in that regard?  What do you suggest in tackling the issues of hiring (?)?  So what do you suggest in terms of taxing issues because that's a major issue in developing countries.

(end of session)