IGF 2017 - Day 4 - Room XI -OF83 Portal of the Municipal Government


The following are the outputs of the real-time captioning taken during the Twelfth Annual Meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Geneva, Switzerland, from 17 to 21 December 2017. Although it is largely accurate, in some cases it may be incomplete or inaccurate due to inaudible passages or transcription errors. It is posted as an aid to understanding the proceedings at the event, but should not be treated as an authoritative record. 



>> MODERATOR: Good morning.  Buenos Dias.  Good morning and thank you for being here.  There is a lot of people around.  Today there's a very short presentation with a representative from the ministry of science and technology from Havana, Cuba.  Her name is Jessica Pedraza.  She will introduce to you today a portal that is going on in Cuba as part of our information society strategic policy that has been presently adopted and is part of the effort of the Cuban government to be more active in the use of ICTs and having access for all the population today.  To the information and to the development of the ICTs in the country.  And also as part of our agenda, our agenda to accomplish the objective of the agenda as approved by the United Nations (?) summit.  So we welcome Jessica for being present, and we also thank you for being here.  Jessica? 

>> JESSICA PEDRAZA AZUA: My name is Jessica, I'm an officer from the ministry of science, technology from Cuba.  I graduated from the University of information science in Havana in 2015.  My main presentation on the portal of the municipal government, the portal of all municipalities in Cuba.  This initiative is part of the effort of the Cuban government to develop the electronic government on all levels.  With the new national information policy of Cuban society, the country has seen the deployment of ICT to comply with the new national policy.  This new policy has allowed (?) to emerge in other spheres in society making use of the information, technology and communication for the sustainable development of the country.  (?) are the service for the citizens, promotion, the development of application for the activities (?).  The provision of full service online government application, citizen information service, portal system of information of the government.  Cuba is divided into distinct provinces municipality.  The provinces are divided into municipalities.  This is like one example of divided into different municipalities.  Every municipality has a municipal assembly of the people where decisions are made as part of the political and parliamentary system of Cuba.  The assembly is composed of the (?) municipal administration in charge of the economy entities (?) the economy, health, education (?) of the citizens (?). 

Currently there are digital tools that allow information to publish information related to cultural activity or to help (?).  How is the solution?  The solution does challenge ‑‑ is the development of a portal of the municipal government.  The main objective is the relationship between the government and the citizens municipality.  The benefits of this project is that all citizens will have access to information related to astronomy, commerce, procedures, (?) service, education, among other service.  Also our citizens (?) of activities, et cetera.  We also offer the possibility of (?) municipality issuing opinions, suggestions, complaints through online forum and servers.  Hence promoting public citizen participation in our process related to society (?).  In this portal, information related to the isolation will be available so that the population knows their rights.  As part of the project, (?) will be promoted.  So just for example, the communication of the University of Havana, the local community developments and the University of Computer Science. 

Finally, as a conclusion, I could say that the deployment of the national level will be an element for the sustainable development of the country as well as the fundamental objective of the information policy of Cuban government.  Thank you very much. 

>> MODERATOR: I would like to thank the presentation of Jessica.  To have a level of municipality in portal of the municipal government in the whole country to have all citizens have access to information related to the life and society at that level.  So if you have any questions or if you have any comments regarding this project that is going on that is being developed right now, if there is any interest or any questions from the participants on the panel, we could hear about those questions.  If no questions, we would like to thank you for being here and on Cuba on this portal of the municipal government, and thank you so much for being present here today.  Any questions?  No questions.  Thank you for being here.  Is there any questions from online?  Is there any participant?  No?  Okay.  Well, thank you so much for being present.  It was very short.  Very concise presentation.  Thank you so much for being present, and thank you for being here today.