Internship at the IGF Secretariat

Each year, the IGF Secretariat offers a limited number of unpaid internships. Successful applicants are able to demonstrate a strong interest in Internet Governance related issues and have an understanding of and experience in research.

Internships last approximately three months with the possibility of extension. Interns are expected to work full time, but part-time internships are available to applicants studying in Geneva.

The applicants may be post-graduate students or they may have completed their studies. The applicant must have study and/or work experience in one of the following fields: Internet governance, information and communications technology, public policy, public relations, international relations, political sciences, international law, economics. Of particular interest are applicants who have a personal interest and experience in more than one of the above fields.

Interns are expected to participate in the daily activities and administration of the IGF Secretariat and also to undertake research activities.


Applicants must be:

- able to demonstrate that they have a strong interest in Internet Governance related issues;

- fluent in English (a general knowledge of French or another UN language is desirable).

Applications and selection process

To apply for an internship, please check out the announcement. Make sure you provide the names and contact information of two references (former employers, professors, supervisors, etc.).

After an initial evaluation, the Secretariat will send you further application materials to be filled in and returned for consideration.