Preparations for IGF 2020 by the Government of Poland: May update

The government of Poland is excited to be hosting this year’s IGF and we are working ‎diligently to prepare for IGF 2020 in Katowice in November. ‎

An update on Poland’s plans for IGF 2020‎

High-Level Leaders Track

We will host a High-Level Leaders Track on Day 0, November 2, and on Day 1, after the ‎Opening Ceremony. The topics to be discussed at the High-Level Leaders Track will be ‎informed by the four thematic tracks of IGF 2020.‎

We are inviting Ministers of Digital Affairs, CEOs and other high-ranking representatives ‎from the UN and EU institutions. If you have any suggestions for people who you think ‎should be part of the track, please contact us at:‎

igfinvitations [at] intgovforum [dot] org 

Parliamentary Track ‎

We hope to build on the success of the inaugural Parliamentary Track hosted by the ‎Government of Germany at IGF 2019. We are reaching out to Members of national ‎Parliaments around the world to invite them to participate in Katowice. If you have any ‎suggestions for which Members of national Parliaments we should be inviting, or perhaps ‎contacts for specific parliamentary interest groups on Internet and ICT issues, please ‎contact us at:‎

igfinvitations [at] intgovforum [dot] org 

IGF 2020 Youth Track

We are much committed to engaging youth in the IGF 2020 processes.‎ On May 11, the Polish Ministry of Digital Affairs and the Polish Research and Academic ‎Computer Network (NASK) co-hosted a webinar for youth with support from the IGF ‎Secretariat. Over 165 young people and their allies participated. As the IGF 2020 Host ‎Country, we particularly took note of the topics that the participants expressed interest in ‎and their suggestions for effective forms of activities. In the coming weeks, we will share a ‎proposed structure for youth-focused activities at IGF 2020 and invite interested ‎stakeholders to provide feedback.‎

Staying up to date with our preparations for IGF 2020‎

We will continue to provide updates via: ‎

  • IGF MAG’s regular teleconferences ‎
  • The 2nd Open Consultations and MAG Meetings in June
  • Our local host website
  • Our Twitter account
  • Posts to the IGF website blog

You can also contact host country directly via:‎

  • igf2020 [at] mc [dot] gov [dot] pl ‎
  • igf [at] nask [dot] pl (for the Youth Track)‎